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August 24, 2011

Ch ch cha changes....

Ok, I know that the one guarantee in life is change. (at least that's what I think) Change can be good, bad, ugly, exciting - you name it. It's just that sometimes, I'm glad to look back at the changes that have happened in life even when they are small, non-purposeful changes.

One thing that I've noticed lately, in terms of music, that has changed is visiting/living with my brother. I have so many memories of the first time I would hear an artist/song/band that all of a sudden my brother was blaring from his room/condo/home. I would end up loving the music and buying it for myself.

Just to name a few:

Peter Gabriel Live w/ Paula Cole - his bedroom at the house we grew up in
Guns & Roses - running around in the den, dancing to Welcome to the Jungle
Thome Yorke - driving around Sandestin, FL
Air - Condo on N Street in Washington, DC
DJ Shadow
Massive Attack
Groove Armada
Zero 7
LIVE - my highschool friends will never let me live this one down. they definitely know that I heard this band because of my brother. ;)

All of this to say, things have changed a little since my brother had a lil girl almost 1yr ago. When I visit now it's more about kid songs and staying quiet at nap time. I know he still has gems of aritists out there to introduce me to so I'm just waiting for the day when Sloan (my niece) starts to enjoy the music as well so we can turn the volume up again! Conversations about music have become something that I look forward to discussing with my brother whenever we get a chance. I'm not saying that we like all the same artists/songs - far from it but it's nice to be able to exchange some similar taste in music between each other.

My question for you is - where did your biggest music influence come from?? Family, friend, radio, concert, online, etc?

Sometimes I'm amazed at the music various people have introduced me to and thankful that most of those people are still in my life to keep up the good tunes. Honestly, I think my brother was born to be a DJ or something. He is good with music. YES, he can be controlling or dominating when it comes to what is played but typically you are happy with the end result. He can set a mood, create a party or just be silly. It will always make you smile. :)

Thanks broseph, for all the lovely music you made me aware of along the way! I look forward to what's ahead.....

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  1. Haha - I can't tell you how much of my favorite music was Brian inspired as well. Live, Peter Gabriel, and The Origin come to mind. Oh, and let's not forget The Cure and Morrissey...oh and The Pixies. I could go on and on. Boy has good taste!