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September 23, 2011

To each their own -> generation

SO I've been thinking about the different types of music that each generation has come out with and how that music seems to stick w/ whomever was growing up at the time.

It's like, I can enjoy & appreciate many types/generations of music but I relate mostly to the music that was most popular as I was growing up...not that it's better or worse music. It's just what seeped into my brain as I was going through various life experiences (which when you are young, seem like the end all/be all of the world).

This all started when I took a lil road trip to see Elbow in concert and was listening to the radio along the way. I was able to find a station playing 80's & 90's music and remembered to use my shazam app-- Learn more here --to figure out the songs/artists playing. (makes a fun lil road trip game as well) I started to tag songs just to remember what they were playing b/c it was creating a fun playlist that I wanted to re-create later.

It felt like so many tunes from the 80s/90s were just about having fun and playing around with somewhat ridiculous lyrics or sound. Although, this is what makes it such a joy to revisit this music. For me, I find something to appreciate in each decades musical flare. It's interesting to listen to how music was/is progressing & changing over the years.

What really made me laugh was thinking about the fact that my brother & I know almost ALL the words to the song - HIGHER LOVE (video)by Steve Winwood or  STRAIGHT UP (song) by Paula Abdul - only b/c our mom listened to the "eazzzy 93" station  growing up. OR 92.9 these days....especially during car pool for school! I actually appreciate the fact that I know these songs so well even though at the time, I was cringing each time a song came on the radio.  I think Brian (my bro) and I have such an appreciation for music because of our mom. Judy has always said, " All I need is 4 wheels and a radio" which I take to heart!. I've never cared about the car that I drive as long as the radio plays & the speakers are loud.

Well, the road trip proved this fact once again since it left me with an incredible playlist for many generations to come ;) Below are some of the songs that I was able to capture along the way....

1. Tomorrow - Silverchair
2. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
2. To Be With You - Mr. Big
3. Everybody, Everybody - Black Box
4. Dance With Me - Orleans
5. The Tide Is High - Blondie
6. Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
7. Linger - The Cranberries
8. Higher Love - Steve Winwood
9. High Enough - Damn Yankees
10. Second Chance - 38 Special
11. Alive & Kicking - Simple Minds

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  1. Haha - Judy and her Eazzzy 93. Totally remember that.

    Nice soundtrack for a road trip Critty. I like it. :)