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October 12, 2011

Let's Get Loose, Hustle and Shake

These days it seems my posts are a little sporadic but trust me, I'm still here with plenty to discuss for those who care to listen.

I've had three new discoveries in the past week which for me is always a thrill.  I love having so many friends with amazing taste in music.  :)

First up is not actually a brand new find since I've actually seen & heard THOSE DARLINS before but I wanted to share their brand new video. It's the title track to their latest LP Screws Get Loose. I don't think you will find many artists like Those Darlins out there today. They are unique & refreshing in the way they perform, write and live. It wasn't at all what I expected when I first heard about them. My friends John Turner & Bonnie Hannah introduced me first to these ladies. They are currently on tour so if you like the video, check them out in a town near you!! (watch the video below & check out tour dates)
Screws Get Loose Video
Those Darlins Tour

Next, I was skyping with my friend - Rebekah - and she was telling me about a music festival she attended in South Korea. (she is currently teaching english there) She loved all the music she heard and told me about the New Zealand band, ELECTRIC WIRE HUSTLE. It was love at first listen! This is a match made in my heaven since I'm in love with New Zealand and this type of music. As one reviewer put it, their music is  "a collision of throwback soul and synthetic funk".  I agree completely. There self-titled album is something to groove to while taking it easy on an overcast day. (much like today)
I've been listening on Spotify so check them out there or click the links below if you don't use Spotify. Including a video for a song not on the album.
EWH Website
EWH Video for Perception

Last but certainly not least, I was able to see some live music last week at The 5 Spot. ALABAMA SHAKES played an amazing set of soulful tunes.  Thanks to Ellery for introducing me to this fine band. There is major buzz going on about them so I would attend a show as soon as possible. Lead singer, Brittany Howard, sounds like she has lived through it all and commands attention on stage. It was a fun show were you can get down & dance if the mood strikes.....
AS Website

It's been a treat to hear more new tunes in the past week or so. I hope it continues so let me know what you've been discovering lately.

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